The new Village Hall kitchen

The Village Hall Kitchen was refurbished in February / March 2010 and has now been fully commissioned.  Equipment includes an instant hot water dispenser and an industrial dishwasher as well as a range cooker and a large fridge-freezer. There are a variety of everyday glasses, cups, mugs, plates and cutlery available to all hirers. However there are also a set of 100 place settings of better quality crockery, cutlery and cruets which are available for hire at a modest cost. A limited range of cooking pots and utensils is also available. Please follow the safety guidance and user instruction leaflets for all the equipment. These can be found in one of the kitchen drawers.

The hot water dispenser is located to the right of the sink. When powered up it provides water hot enough for tea and instant coffee with a capacity up to 100 cups per hour. For larger quantities or for quicker delivery there are also jug kettles and an urn. Please be aware that very hot water can scald and due care must be exercised. We recommend only adults should use this system.

The industrial dishwasher is unlike a domestic dishwasher. After a warming-up period (approximately 30 minutes) it can clean a tray of plates, dishes, etc in just 5 minutes. It is intended to cope with large volumes of dishwashing, not just a few cups for which conventional washing-up is recommended. It also requires a draining cycle to be operated at the end of each period of use. If you are unfamiliar with industrial dishwashers and wish to use this facility then please ask the Hall Manager for advice and follow the instruction leaflet which can be found in the adjacent drawers.